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Add Retail Pro to your business and you’ll quickly feel the benefits, as communication flows far more easily throughout your organisation. Regardless of the size of your operation, business relies on having the right information in the right place at the right time - allowing you to manage stock levels more efficiently, respond to customer trends and ensure that employees are utilised effectively.

Retail Pro is the result of many years of research and client focus, adopted by multinationals and small businesses alike as one of the most respected point of sales systems available. We’re confident that our retail POS systems deliver the powerful features you need, integrated into a package that’s easy to learn and simple to use. Take control of your day-to-day operations with advanced Retail Inventory Management and built-in reporting that delivers the details you require to improve stock control and add inventory more cost-effectively. The stock you hold can often be your largest asset - manage it more efficiently with Retail Pro and you could see substantial savings month on month.

Our retail software can collect, collate and deliver the information needed to manage every aspect of your business - with modules to track Purchase Order Management and Vendor Management, as well as Employee Management and Customer Relationship Management. Once you’ve decided to utilise Retail Pro as your point of sale system, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Many of our clients report significant improvements to their cost control procedures, leading to increased profits and streamlined Store Operations

We’ve designed our retail software to be as flexible as you need, and its scalability allows you to expand your point of sale systems as your business evolves. Retail Pro has gained a significant following in the retail community and can be found in over 52,000 retail stores in 86 countries - in 18 different languages too! Try Retail Pro for yourself and you’ll quickly appreciate the benefits that come with our retail software - and we offer 24/7 support along with all the training you need to be up and running quickly and confidently.



You can start out as simple as you want, and progress at your own pace to as much sophistication as you ultimately need. It's scalable without limits, powering the world’s most impressive brands. Retail Pro is currently being used by savvy retailers in 18 different languages, throughout 63 different countries, and in over 35,000 locations.

And it's surprisingly affordable. Every day, more and more retailers are choosing Retail Pro.


Additional Point of Sale and Inventory Management Products

•    Swift QBI – POS and Inventory reporting
•    Givex – Loyalty and discount programme management
•    Account Link – Plugs into accounting systems
•    EFT Integration – Connect a POS system to a payment gateway
•    E-Commerce Integration – Connects a E-Commerce website to inventory management and POS

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Point of Sale


Point of Sale Features

Point of Sale Advantages

    Accurate pricing
    Advanced returns management
    Execution of Offers and Promotions
    Sales Tax Management
    Multiple tenders
    Special order handling
    Customer Information tracking and gathering Disbursements
    EFT Support
    Increase revenue
    Reduce shrinkage
    Loss prevention
    Increase customer traffic
    Ensure fiscal compliance
    Reduce warranty fraud
    Improve customer satisfaction
    Prevent lost sales
    Generate targeted marketing promotions


Inventory Management


Inventory Management Features

Inventory Management Advantages

    Real-time view of inventory levels
    Stock balancing
    Inter-store transfers
    In-transit inventory monitoring
    Auto-transfer recommendation
    Efficient physical inventory counts
    Lot/serial number tracking
    Item/style performance tracking
    Prevent over-ordering
    Reduce inventory costs
    Increase sales
    Optimize the merchandise mix
    Avoid duplicate orders
    Maintain inventory stock of fast moving items
    Reduce shrinkage
    Decrease administrative costs

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